Current Litters


This litter is currently fully reserved!

We have 5 spots available on Romy's Ski Bum's Litter! Apply HERE!

We have 1 spot available on Foxe's Enchanted Forest Litter! Apply HERE!

Puppy Pick Day

Temperament testing will occur after the puppies are 7 weeks old. Puppy picking day will occur after temperament testing has been completed. This will help ensure that your puppy's temperament fits into your lifestyle. It is also extremely helpful for people looking for specific traits for an ESA, facility dog, or service dog.

Once puppy pick day has been set, you will be given a 30-minute time slot to facetime with us and the puppies in order to make your selection. Puppies will be chosen in the order that reservation fees are received. If you are unavailable during your time slot, you can give us a ranked list before pick day of your top choices and we will select your first available choice from the puppies remaining during your pick time.