We are looking for guardian families!

We are currently seeking families to become guardian homes for puppies that will be part of our breeding program. Guardian home families receive a top-quality puppy at no cost to you. Our puppies will become part of our guardian's forever family. While the puppy resides with your family we will retain breeding rights and use the puppy in our program once old enough and health testing completed. Guardian families will be responsible for the regular vet, grooming, and feeding costs just as they would with any other dog. We will cover all costs relating to breeding such as health testing, reproductive testing, whelping, etc. If for any reason we decide not to use the dog in our program, then the guardian family will be required to spay/neuter the dog and they will remain your family pet. Dogs that are used in our program will be spayed/neutered at our expense once they retire from our program and then remain in the care of the guardian family. You must live within 3 hours of Syracuse, Indiana. If you live over 30 minutes away, you must be willing to drive to meet us.

How it works


Most of our guardian dogs will be females. Females will be health tested to clear them for breeding. They will not be bred until they are close to 2 years old. During this time we ask for regular updates and photos as well as occasional visits to maintain a relationship with her. It is important for the guardian family to take precautions to prevent unintentional breeding with any neighbor dogs during any of her heat cycles. The guardian family must notify us immediately when she goes into heat. We will set up an arrangement for progesterone testing and breeding to take place. After being bred she will remain with you throughout most of her pregnancy except for any needed prenatal vet appointments such as pregnancy confirmation. Around the last week of her pregnancy, we will have her come to our house to prepare for whelping and get comfortable. She will remain with us until the puppies go home. After 1-4 litters (unless we decide not to breed her for a variety of possible reasons) we will have her spayed and she will remain as your family pet.

Requirements for Female Guardian Placements

  • Must have a fenced-in yard

  • Must not have any intact male dogs in your home

  • Must keep them well-groomed and trained

  • Must plan on staying within the area for 5 years


Our males will go through all of the same health testing as our females. We do ask for regular updates and photos. We will notify you as soon as one of our females goes into heat to give you a heads up on an estimated date that we will need to breed him. Once our female is ready for breeding, we will make an arrangement depending on the individual dogs and what they would be most comfortable with. This may involve a collection that will take place at a vet's office. Once we determine that we want to retire him from our program we will have him neutered and he will remain as your family pet.

Requirements for Male Guardian Placements

  • Must have fenced-in-yard

  • Must not have any intact female dogs in your home

  • Must keep them well-groomed and trained

  • Must plan on staying within the area for 7 years

Our guardian dogs may vary in age when they go home; however, they will typically go home as puppies. If you are interested in becoming one of our guardian families please fill out the application below and we will be in touch shortly. Message us for more details or if you have any questions!