Home and Hand Raised

Here at The Doodle Cove, all of our puppies are raised in our home, where they will be loved on daily and played with by our children and our other dogs. We follow the Puppy Culture curriculum as well as the Badass Breeder curriculum to raise all of our puppies. This program starts with our parent dogs and ensures that we are honoring them, their health, and their well-being first and foremost. Every puppy born into our hands is a miracle. We are responsible for teaching each one of them that the world is a good and safe place. We will empower them while they tackle tasks that challenge their nerve strength in order to build confidence. We do this every day with handling exercises, scent introductions, sound desensitizations, exposure activities, challenges, and training.. We understand the temperament of each puppy is extremely important in order to help each family better choose the right puppy for their lifestyle. Temperament testing gives each puppy a voice to better show each family truly what to expect from him/her. Following the BAB program helps us match you to your perfect puppy! You can learn more about the temperament testing as well as the important steps we take in raising our puppies here in the Home Raised section.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

The health and temperaments of our dogs and their puppies is our number one priority. Our breeding dogs have been cleared of all genetic conditions via Embark as well as having all Pennhip and OFA certifications for optimal hip, heart, patella, and eye dispositions. Any breeding prospects we consider for our program will undergo temperament testing. These are extensive tests that ensure our dogs will pass the very best traits down to their offspring. We our members of the Goldendoodle Association of North America which means that our health testing meets their strict health testing standards! We are also a certified Good Dog and Comprehensive BAB breeder. These are programs that hold breeders to the highest standards of quality healthy breeding. Our puppies will come home with 30-days of Trupanion health insurance, microchipped, vet checked, and up to date on all vaccinations, and with a 2-year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.


Our favorite breed of dog, well known for its teddy bear-like appearance, is the Goldendoodle. This breed takes the common and well-loved golden retriever and mixes it with the intelligent, low to non-shedding poodle to result in a friendly, loyal, and intelligent companion for your lifestyle! Our puppies will be multi-generational Goldendoodles, which means that they will typically have a perfect lower shedding teddy bear coat that everyone loves while also keeping plenty of golden retriever in them. We have petite mini, mini, medium, and small standard sizes, deep red to apricot coloring (some having white abstract/tuxedo/parti type markings), with wavy, curly and straight coats (not to be mistaken for flat coat). They are great with kids, adorable snugglers, extremely playful, and smart. They are very eager to please, quick to learn, and happy to tag along on adventures big and small. They are truly the best of two great dog breeds.

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